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US Dollar, EUR/USD Hold Support Ahead of FOMC, ECB



Talking Points:

– US CPI for the month of May printed in-line with expectations at an annualized 2.8% on the headline read, opening the door for a rate hike out of the Federal Reserve at tomorrow’s rate decision. With a hike at tomorrow’s meeting long-expected, the bigger question is what the bank might be looking for in the second half of the year. At our last quarterly meeting in March, the central expectation at the bank was for three hikes, which would allude to one more after tomorrow’s move. Has the last quarter produced a backdrop with which the Fed can get more hawkish in the second half of 2018, looking for an additional two hikes to bring the total for this year to four?

– The US Dollar posed a muted reaction around this morning’s inflation release, highlighting the fact that market participants are looking ahead on the economic calendar, as the next few days bring a considerable amount of potential for volatility. The Fed’s rate decision is followed by the ECB on Thursday morning, and after last week’s reports that the bank may begin to discuss options around stimulus-taper, Euro has recovered from the May swoon that was driven by an uptick in political risk.

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US Inflation Prints In-Line for May, Focus Moves to FOMC, Tomorrow at 2PM ET

Tomorrow afternoon brings the June rate decision out of the Federal Reserve, and a hike at tomorrow’s meeting has long been expected. At this point, we can move forward with the reasonable expectation that tomorrow’s move is already priced-in, and market participants’ focus is looking ahead to what the bank is looking for in the second half of this year. This will be delivered via the dot plot matrix, and at our last quarterly meeting in March, the central expectation was for a total of three hikes in 2018, which would entail one additional move after tomorrow. This would allude to another hike in either September or December; but should the Fed signal a fourth potential hike this year, we could see USD-strength continue as markets begin to price-in a more hawkish Fed.

At this stage, the US Dollar is holding the support area that we looked at last week, and this takes place around the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement of the recent bullish move.

US Dollar via ‘DXY’ Daily Chart: Support Holds Around 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement

US Dollar usd daily chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

On a shorter-term basis, a bear flag formation appears to be forming after a couple of different failed tests at that longer-term support last week. This has produced an upward-sloping channel on the hourly chart that appears to be corrective in nature, and this can keep the door open for shorter-term bearish strategies around the Greenback as we move towards tomorrow’s rate decision.

US Dollar Two-Hour Chart: Bullish Channel Off of Support, Potential Bear Flag Scenario

US Dollar usd two-hour chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

EUR/USD Back Above Key Support

The European Central Bank is waiting in the wings for their own rate decision less than 24 hours after the Fed announces; and last week’s report that the ECB may roll-out details on stimulus taper has helped EUR/USD to recover after an aggressive sell-off lasted for most of the month of May. In that sell-off, EUR/USD sank below a big zone of support that runs from 1.1685-1.1736. The price of 1.1685 is the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement of the 2008-2017 major move, while 1.1736 is the 38.2% retracement of the 2014-2017 move (the ECB QE-fueled sell-off in the pair). Perhaps more importantly, this zone has elicited numerous examples of both support and resistance, helping to hold the lows on multiple occasions in the latter-third of last year, with price only falling through after the ECB extended stimulus into 2018, at which point this area showed as resistance.

EUR/USD Daily Chart: Prices Re-Engage Above Key Support Zone

EURUSD eur/usd daily chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

A couple of weeks after that stimulus extension from the ECB, a red-hot German GDP report was issued and prices quickly re-engaged above this zone. After a support test in late-October, and again in December, prices launched up to fresh multi-year highs, eventually failing at the 1.2500 level.

When the Euro sell-off was hitting full speed in May, this area acted as a mere speed bump. We then saw a couple of days of resistance, and last week’s report of a potential announcement of stimulus taper has helped prices to move back above this zone. Since then, we’ve seen a hold of that support on a couple of different tests, and this has helped to produce a bullish pennant in short-term EUR/USD price action.

EUR/USD Two-Hour Chart: Bull Pennant, Support at Prior Resistance After Higher-Highs, Lows

eur/usd eurusd two-hour chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

If EUR/USD holds above this support zone through this week’s FOMC and ECB rate decisions, the door remains open for a deeper recovery in the pair, targeting towards the 1.2000 level. This is something traders should approach cautiously, as the European Central Bank may not yet be in a position where they can fully forecast the end of QE. This may be more of an opportunistic attempt at the bank to begin talking about the prospect of stimulus exit while the Euro is very weak.

GBP/USD Remains in Bear Flag – UK Inflation is On Deck

Before tomorrow’s FOMC fireworks we get an updated look at inflation in the UK. This has very much been a push point for the British Pound of recent, as the high rates of inflation that were seen in the latter-portion of last year, pushing rate expectations around the Bank of England higher, have dissipated as we’ve traded into 2018. Last month’s inflation showed further drawdown, printing at an annualized 2.4% for the third consecutive month of slower price growth.

Softening Inflation Makes Less Concerted Case for Higher Rates from BoE

UK Inflation monthly CPI Since February, 2017

Chart prepared by James Stanley

While a 2.4% read still remains above the Bank of England’s 2% target, the fact that we’re not seeing the same 3% prints from last year highlights inflation weakness. This softening in inflation may keep the Bank of England from hiking rates in August, or November, as the BoE still remains rather cautious around Brexit-related risks.

Tomorrow’s inflation release of May data will be helpful for evaluating the potential around this theme. In GBP/USD, the bear flag formation that we looked at last week remains, and the support side of that channel is in the process of being tested. Last week saw a failed attempt to test the prior support zone that runs from 1.3478-1.3500; but sellers showed up ahead of that area and price action has continued to run within the framework of this channel. This keeps a bearish tonality in the pair, and GBP/USD remains as one of the more attractive options for working with USD-strength as we move towards tomorrow’s UK CPI report, and the Fed meeting on the calendar for later in the day.

GBP/USD Daily Chart: Testing Support in Bear Flag Formation

gbpusd gbp/usd daily chart

Chart prepared by James Stanley

To read more:

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— Written by James Stanley, Strategist for

Contact and follow James on Twitter: @JStanleyFX

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Bitcoin Net-Longs Slide Into 1-Month Lows




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Bitcoin Net-Shorts 5.2% Higher Since Last Week

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Canadian Dollar (CAD) Eyes Latest Inflation Report




Canadian Dollar Price, News and Analysis

  • Inflation expected unchanged, but any uptick could seal another rate hike in October.
  • Canadian economy continues to grow strongly.

IG Client Sentimentshows retail are 46.3% net-long of USDCADa bullish contrarian sentiment indicator.

Canadian Dollar May Receive a Boost on Latest Inflation Report

The Canadian dollar is currently treading water ahead of the July CPI report with the market expecting a 0.1% month-on-month rise and a 2.5% annualized reading, both unchanged from last month’s strong report. Canadian CPI grew at its fastest rate in over six years in June, due to higher energy prices, and another strong reading today will increase pressure on the Bank of Canada to hike rates again, probably at the October meeting. The central bank has already hiked rates by 0.25% twice this year and by a total of four times in the last 12 months. Last week data showed Canadian unemployment falling to 5.8% from a prior 6% while employment grew by 54.1k against expectations of 17K and a prior month’s 31.8k.

USDCAD has remained in a 1.2950 – 1.3200 range over the last month, despite the strength of the US dollar and fears over the NAFTA negotiations. The pair currently trade at 1.3130, just above 23.6% Fibonacci support at 1.3118 and below the July 24 high at 1.3192. An inline or slightly stronger-than-expected reading would seal another 0.25% rate hike and see USDCAD break lower with the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement at 1.2952 the short-term target. A weaker-than-expected reading today would see the July 24 high under pressure.

We have recently released our Q3 Trading Forecasts for a wide range of Currencies and Commodities, including the Canadian Dollar.

USDCAD Daily Price Chart (January – August 17, 2018)

Canadian Dollar (CAD) Eyes Latest Inflation Report

DailyFX has a vast amount of updated resources to help traders make more informed decisions. These include a fully updated Economic Calendar, and a raft of Educational and Trading Guides

— Written by Nick Cawley, Analyst

To contact Nick, email him at

Follow Nick on Twitter @nickcawley1

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USD/CNH & Gold Price Action Point to Reversals Gaining Traction




Gold, USD/CNH Technical Highlights

  • Gold price reversal and sentiment supportive of a low
  • Correlation between Gold & CNH extremely high
  • USD/CNH reversing hard from near Dec ’16 peak

For an in-depth intermediate-term technical and fundamental outlook, check out the Q3 Gold Forecast.

Gold price reversal and sentiment supportive of a low

On Wednesday, we were discussing the oversold, overly bearish backdrop in gold, but that first we needed to see some type of swift flush and reverse or something of that nature before looking for a low. We didn’t have to wait long, as the past few sessions qualified as flush-and-reverse price behavior, with silver, unsurprisingly and in silver-like fashion, displaying even more capitulation-like behavior, shedding 3 of its 4% in an hour on Wednesday.

As long as gold & silver can hold onto yesterday’s lows on a closing basis, we’re looking for at least a rebound back to the point of origination of the most recent leg lower (~1210 & 15.30). If another leg lower develops we’ll have to reassess.

Check out the IG Client Sentiment to see how other traders are positioned and why it can be used as a contrarian indicator.

Gold Daily Chart (Flush & Reverse)

Gold daily chart, flush and reverse

Correlation between Gold & CNH extremely high

If gold is reversing then so is CNH and vice versa. Gold and CNH have a 3-month correlation of 97%. They are effectively the same market at this juncture. How one plays it is up to the instrument of choice, but be mindful of total risk if trading both.

Gold/CNH Daily Chart (97% 3-mo Correlation)

Gold/CNH daily chart (97% 3-mo correlation)

USD/CNH reversing hard from near Dec ’16 peak

USD/CNH is in the process of carving out a weekly key-reversal bar just shy of the December 2016 high, assuming it doesn’t post a big rally from here. Trade a little higher today or lower and the reversal currently in place will stand as confirmed.

The candle development along with a break in the upward channel on the daily time-frame should usher in more selling, and perhaps in swift fashion. Looking lower, there are minor levels along the way that were carved out as the channel matured, but the broader target is the bottom of the upward grind since last month, right around the 6.60 mark.

USD/CNH Weekly Chart (Key-reversal nearly complete)

USD/CNH weekly chart, key-reversal as long as no sizable rally ensues today

USD/CNH Daily Chart (Channel break to send it lower)

USD/CNH daily chart, channel break to send price lower

Resources for Forex & CFD Traders

Whether you are a new or experienced trader, we have several resources available to help you; indicator for tracking trader sentiment, quarterly trading forecasts, analytical and educational webinars held daily, trading guides to help you improve trading performance, and one specifically for those who are new to forex.

—Written by Paul Robinson, Market Analyst

You can follow Paul on Twitter at @PaulRobinsonFX

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