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21 Day Pro Challenge

21 Day To Pro Challenge offers training sessions for individual traders who are interested in intensive PROFILE PICimmersion training in our methods. This course is for intermediate or advanced traders only. This exclusive package includes:
1.    Your three day private session covers advanced techniques in mental control, money management and risk control with side-by-side work in real time market conditions that will ingrain our signals into your trading pattern.
2.    Your will receive our complete training course on CD to study for several weeks before you begin the private tutoring.
3.    There will be tests on the program before you arrive to check your understanding and progress. Also please notify us in advance of any special situations and questions you want to address.
4.    Free training consultations by email and private chat room after the training to discuss your trades, money management and mental issues as required.
5.    You will receive follow up emails of how our signals worked in the market at the end of each day for six months following completion of your private session.
6.    Training will take place in my home office in Carlsbad, California during market hours.

7.    Or, if you would rather have us come to your home office (additional travel expense will
be required).

8.    Bring your computer and we will fine-tune it for you and install all the templates we use
for trading, all our indicators, setups, entry and exit signals. (see equipment requirements)

9.    Fee for the training is $6,479 payable in advance by personal or corporate check.
For more information to schedule a private seminar, you can contact us  at

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Insane Value! Purchase the 21 Day Pro Challenge Pack.

Three premium packages combine to make ONE MASSIVE Package exclusive to YOU!profittraderCAPSTogether with MTS LOGO.2 300x90Combined with



PaidTrader Pro = $397 $197 50% savings!

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One on One Success Coaching = $6,479  Online = FREE TO 21 DAY PRO MEMBERS!


Final Thoughts:
Swimming is one of my passions, and trading is a lot like swimming for me. Reading about swimming or watching swimming is not swimming. There is simply nothing like a nice cool refreshing swim where you can take long slow powerful strokes. You can feel the water separating into a wake behind you as you glide straight down the pool. The more relaxed you are the smoother and faster you swim and with much less effort than those who thrash about.
Trading can be effortless and stress free too. Like a rough water swimmer, you learn to go with the tide, use the current to your advantage and catch the waves for fun and profit. The ocean or the market is your partner not your enemy. Both are more powerful than you and, yet a great swimmer or a great market trader can feel the flow and know when and how to navigate safely.
The power and confidence necessary to master the markets come from daily practice, training and awareness of both the right and wrong things we do. Trading daily inoculates you against the fear of failure and allows you to get comfortable doing the uncomfortable. Trading without knowing the future is just like swimming without seeing the bottom.
Good luck and good trading!


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